About us

When you use us, you will help hotels and other accommodation places not to pay 6-12% sometimes more in commissions for everyone simply ordered through the big web portals that all promise "find hotel at the best price"
Find either accommodation with us so that these accommodation places get better finances and the staff have a safer and better paid job!
Our vision is to build an alternative site that is easy to use and does not charge or other large commissions.
This page is for the most part intended for users to make it easy to find an accommodation where you want it. We do not promise you big discounts, for example, save up to, for example: 20% by booking rooms through us.
What we offer is that you get accommodation wherever you want it and that you (use) can contact the property directly and request an offer, we believe that you can negotiate as big discounts as you can get through other booking sites.
In this way you will help especially the little ones and in many cases very cozy and customer-friendly accommodations
It would otherwise have to share the income with the major booking agents who take up to 30% in the commissions per accommodation.
Heard of a hotel host in Turkey who could not afford to be a partner with the big travel agencies because of the big commissions they demanded.
We act only as an intermediary of lodging. Our services are free. You pay nothing to us to use our services.
The accommodations that appear on our site do not pay any commission to Accommodation-me.com, they only pay a small annual ad price for our services.

Are you the owner of any kind of accommodation as, Hotel, Motel, Apartment, Cabin, Pensjon, GuestHause, Room etc then click on "Login" to register your deals. Price pr. today is 59 per year.
Perhaps you are already in our database? Send us an email and we will get a return message with user name and password. admin@accommodation-me.com

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