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This is no booking website, here you will find and book directly with the accommodation.

Help accommodation not to pay large amounts in extra expenses that other booking web pages takes in commission to convey and book rooms for all travelers for each night they lives.
We will help you find the perfect accommodation for you, you book a room directly with a accommodation "the hotel".
Accommodation may lower its prices and you will probably get a better price and service. The hotels' priorities are: Regular customers, customers booking on their web page,
so those who use travel operators and booking websites. But unfortunately there is someone who has left everything to a booking website or a tour operator.
The operators have bought up all the rooms at a ridiculously low price and sell them at a much higher price, thus ensuring that they compete against competition
(you who follow the way in which commerciality is going on, many goods are thrown to keep prices up for a lot of deals put pressure on prices) as well as the major players in the travel, accommodation and tour operators.
They ensure control at the lodging places by signing on an agreement that gives the booking operators the full control. If they only sell approx. 75% of the rooms,
so they manage, because they have no expenses if the beds are empty. But the accommodation places lose money on other sales that the guests usually buy from them. .

The accommodations that appear on our site do not pay any commission to Accommodation-me.com, they only pay a small annual ad price for our services.

Are you the owner of any kind of accommodation as, Hotel, Motel, Apartment, Cabin, Pensjon, GuestHause, Room etc then click on "Login" to register your deals. Price pr. today is 59 per year.
Perhaps you are already in our database? Send us an email and we will get a return message with user name and password. admin@accommodation-me.com

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